Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Particle swarm and Perlin noise

It has been a little too quiet here for my liking. For better or worse I have just been caught up with real life matters, mostly boring stuff like studying and moving and helping people move, so not even any juicy gossip to share.

Actually last weekend my credit card number somehow got stolen, which meant the new laptop I had on order has been postponed while I wait for my new card. I had been planning to do a bunch more stuff once it arrived as my current one is showing its age a bit, but I ordered it in June and there was a 4 week wait till it shipped, then the card thing happened the day before it was going to ship! But that's about it.

I did manage to get this done over the weekend, it's 150k particles traversing a vector field generated from Perlin Noise. When the new machine arrives I want to delve into GPU programming and 1 million particles is the goal.

Anyway, it's a bit cold and wet here right now, hope you're somewhere sunny and warm.

Music is Olson by Boards of Canada.

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