Sunday, January 20, 2013

Interactive deJong Attractor

I have been working on this the last few weeks. It is an interactive deJong Attractor, developed using GLSL Shaders and C++ with openFrameworks.

The attractor is generated, then passed as a texture to a shader that builds a curl, then a bunch of particles float around that curl, changing color and opacity based on the attractor output.

It is also connected to a kinect, so the changes that you see on screen are coming from movement captured from the kinect.

I set it up on the dancefloor at a friends party, and included some iPhone footage of it in action at the end of the clip below.

Much of the detail gets lost when looking at the small vimeo embed, so please check out the larger HD version on vimeo here.

Attractor from dizzy pete

I think I have finally gotten deJong attractors and particle fields out of my system, on to the next thing.

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